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Welcome to our blog. We will try to inform and entertain along the way and give you insights into life in Glastonbury – and all the other dimensions that spin out here. It is such an out-there community with brilliant minds, brilliant colours, and so many creative people who add to the spinning swirling energy that is the Isle of Avalon – Glastonbury Town.


Circle of Perpetual Choirs

Glastonbury is so mystically magically huge that it can sometime seem like a self-contained universe. It is of course one of very many British sacred sites. A number of visionaries have intuited connections between such places and expressed this in different ways. We have concepts like ley lines and terrestrial zodiacs. Glastonbury is considered to be an important part of the Michael ley and we have our extraordinary Glastonbury Zodiac. Perhaps the most contentious and expansive of all of these ideas is the Circle of Perpetual Choirs. John Michell, starting from sources mentioning Glastonbury as a location where a constant liturgy was recited, went on to postulate alignments with sites with similar associations, creating a decagon centred on White Leaved Oak in the Malverns. Spirit of Avalon Tours guide Paul Weston here presents a video lecture in which he explores these ideas and talks of his own mystical adventures. The whole story is intended to inspire people with the feeling that perhaps in some way the choir still sings and we might be being called to add our voices to it in some way. Come to Glastonbury and see if you can hear it!




Glastonbury Festival

The famous pyramid stage

May 25th. The biggest event in our yearly calendar is a month away. The legendary festival attracts over 100,000 people to a site a few miles away near the village of Pilton.  Read about some of the mystic roots of the gathering in this post by Paul Weston. Glastonbury Festival


THE BELTANE FESTIVAL 29th/30th April and 1st May. A carnival atmosphere awaits the buzzing town centre as many of the Dragon Group have organised a full itinerary for the day Morris Dancing et al – This is when the Glastonbury energies swirl and dance into a whirlwind of different experiences. Those that are lucky enough to visit will witness one of the best times of year.



May 1st. Maypole celebrations.




April 30th. Dragons procession.

April 23rd The Flags of St George were out on the day of the Patron Saint of many nations not just England.



See separate page for the special story of  St George and Glastonbury



15th/16th April. Medieval Fayre at Glastonbury Abbey, Fair Maidens, Knights, Jousting and the days of chivalry and battle relived – The Avalon Ballroom psychedelic weekend at the King Arthur pub produced a musical renaissance of the 60’s psychedelia era so the streets of Glastonbury mixed with Floppy Hats Ostrich feathers, chain mail and swords !



11th April 2017 – The Full Moon in Libra provided a day of manifestation successes. We are here to learn the processes of creation for the personal and the transpersonal. This is within the framework of the Holy Grail – much knowledge has been gained today and will be shared.



4th-8th April 2017. The Town at evening is starting to fill up with the new season ramping up, The Assembly Rooms starts its pantomime with Dick Whittington Comes to Avalon.



5th April 2017 Listen to an interpretation of “The Holy Grail” of Glastonbury 107.1 FM (and online)  5pm uk time – Yes its a plug for my show but hopefully a snapshot of Glastonbury’s creative forces.


New Moon in Aries on the 28th March 2017. Aries, ruled by Mars, ancient Roman god of war, is a sign of initiative and bravery, which governs the head and the brain. So, this is a good time to take action, to innovate, to bring something new to our life. Maybe what we need most is a new perspective and a new way of thinking, braver than before. First, you need to get rid of old and unhealthy thought patterns.
In the run up to this I recently met “Merlin” the Alchemist, Jesus, and we have recently been blessed by lama Rinpoche whose fleeting weekend visit still reverberates and ripples across ethereal plains of delight.

Whatever this Equinox energy has brought to Glastonbury it feels full on – This year promises to be elevated to a new realm of vibration, there is a strong presence that King Arthur and his knights are gathering once again to take the helm and rebirth the Round Table. They have been called in our time of need and they have answered. The time is now.

King Arthur and the Knights of the Holy Grail.



Fri 17th March.  St Patrick’s day.


See separate page for the facts on St Patrick’s Day


This is done in the Spirit of Avalon, We hope you will come along for the journey.
It seems like the centre of the Universe and probably is if you are a low flying Unicorn, elf or Faery. Having just seen a few faeries floating about in the town,
Spring Equinox this weekend a HUGE event and plenty of celebration on the Tor this is the beginning of the year the waking up of life and now the door is open to Spring. Happy days.

On Sunday (12th March) bumped into Intrepid Explorer and Author Hugh Newman, and, like you do, we discussed topics such as Giants and Megalithomania and whether he wants to talk on Glastonbury FM this coming Wednesday, so glad he agreed, like me, he can talk the legs off a donkey, (thankfully) It means I will open up the conversation and he will carry it right through to the end – He is a fantastic guest to have, so Wednesday 5pm-7pm UK time Glastonbury FM 107.1 Online catch him then,thats the plug done (almost). Just to add more seasoning and stock to the pot, Stephen duRoss Stone Circle expert we chat about the magic within and go deeper into the very existence of circles and why they exist, he is also on the show and I haven’t even started on the local talented musicians and Poets. What a grand place this is –