Fascinating magical walks with local guides – a friendly welcome to the Isle of Avalon

Welcome to Glastonbury, forever linked with the legendary Isle of Avalon, told about in ancient esoteric folklore as the last resting place of King Arthur and where Joseph of Arimathea came to found the first Christian church in Britain.

Are these just myths, or true events?

With our guidance, you will be shown a way through the mists of Avalon to a treasure trove of wisdom that is at least as precious as the Holy Grail.

We invite you to let us help you explore the unique rich mixture of history and mythology found in many locations here with a variety of special guided esoteric tours that will reveal the depths of the arcane mysteries of Glastonbury

Come and discover all this for yourself!


“There are many different roads leading to our English Jerusalem, “the holiest erthe in Englande”. We can approach it by the high road of history, which leads through a rich country, for there is hardly a phase in the spiritual story of the race in which Glastonbury has played no part… Or we can come to it by the upper path of legend. In and out twine the ancient folk stories, full of deep spiritual significance to those whose hearts are tuned to its key.”

Dion Fortune, Avalon of the Heart


Magical Glastonbury

Meet experienced and knowledgeable local guides, like Steve Lee who look forward to welcoming you to magical Glastonbury. He hosts a popular radio show on Glastonbury FM that is renown for being a lively forum of esoteric ideas and philosophies, many of which can be found, if you dig deep enough, in the mytho-poetic landscape that is hidden within the mystical mists of Avalon.

 Wonders to be revealed

Walking these sacred sites will heighten your senses and hopefully give you the answers you’re looking for, or perhaps even more questions than when you arrived. Many brilliantly researched books have been written about Glastonbury and its history and we will take you through some of these discoveries.

There are potential wonders to be revealed. We will follow in the footsteps of our ancestors through this enchanted land. We hope you may be gifted with an experience that isn’t necessarily material, rather more spiritual, perhaps your own Holy Grail, as we connect with the place considered by some to be the Heart Chakra of the world.

“…extraordinary walking tours of Glastonbury that are more than magical, with lots of history and explanations of the energies of Avalon.”
Raven Keyes, Medical Master Reiki Practioner and author