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Paul Weston is the author of Mysterium Artorius, Avalonian Aeon, The Glastonbury Zodiac and Earth Mysteries UFOlogy, Glastonbury Psychogeography, and The Michael Line, the Qabalah and the Tarot, He also published and contributed to the anthology Signs and Secrets of the Glastonbury Zodiac. Having majored in Comparative Religion for a Combined Arts degree, Paul eventually became completely absorbed into the Glastonbury matrix and was fortunate to be closely involved in the Psychic Questing work of Andrew Collins.

A frequent lecturer, his other main influences and inspirations include Colin Wilson, Dion Fortune, Reiki, Mother Meera, the Fellowship of Isis, Adi Da, John Cowper Powys, Osho, Psychogeography, Gurdjieff, and Anthony Robbins.  Paul loves to introduce people to the beauty and mystery of Glastonbury. His books are available from Amazon. A number of his lectures can be seen on You Tube.




Steve Lee is a  Glastonbury FM  Radio Presenter who provides a platform there for all forms of creativity. He will bring his communication skills and previous tour guide experience to a journey through Avalon with its spirals, leylines, tunnels, and portals that will include the story of Glastonbury from Joseph of Arimathea, King Arthur, the Holy Grail right up to the present day. Surprising and engaging, friendly, fun, and thought provoking, Steve will ensure you have a far greater appreciation of Glastonbury when you leave than when you arrived.