Meet your Guide

Steve Lee at Oliver’s Hillfort in Wiltshire.

Steve Lee

Steve Lee hosts a popular radio show on Glastonbury FM that is renown for being a lively forum of esoteric ideas and philosophies, many of which can be found, if you dig down deep enough, in the mytho-poetic landscape that is hidden within the mystical mists of Avalon. Steve will show you how Glastonbury Tor is just one part of a huge circular stage of earthworks that in the dim and distant past, was used to dramatise stories that were metaphorical Mystery Teachings which our ancient, more shamanically-minded, ancestors pulled down from the temple of the stars above into the temple of the land below.

Steve will talk to you about the deeper, mystical meanings of the myths for which Glastonbury is famous worldwide, such as the visit of Joseph of Arimathea and the burial of King Arthur.  Your tour may also be blessed with a touch of healing magic as he introduces you to the spirits of the land, known locally as the Fae or faeries, and the genius locii (spirits of place) of Gwyn ap Nudd and Bridie.