Links To Our Friends

Here are some wonderful folks we’d like you to get to know:

Positive Living Group – a lively and fantastic mind-expanding, thought-provoking presentations at the Glastonbury Town Hall, every Wednesday!hosted by Samia and Dave who have produced amazing presentations

Kev Pearson Photography – illuminating Glastonbury in a way no other eye can see….His outstanding photography is worthy of any living room and what fantastic postcards you could be sending home and we are privileged to use some of Kev’s photographs on this website:

Glastonbury FM. Tune in to local radio Glastonbury FM 107.1 which goes out world-wide online and catch up with whats on and get the feel of the special community we have and how creative the town is: Steve Lee’s Drive-Through is on every Wednesday 5pm-7pm

Glastonbury Oracle. Find out whats on around Glastonbury and useful workshops

Torbz – our great web designer and musician.