Glastonbury Tours by local guides – A friendly welcome to the Isle of Avalon

Welcome to Glastonbury, forever linked with the legendary Isle of Avalon, last resting place of King Arthur.

We invite you as Glastonbury local tour guides to explore the unique rich mixture of history and mythology found in many locations here with a variety of special guided walking tours that will reveal the depths of the Mystery of Glastonbury.

In Avalon of the Heart Dion Fortune wrote ‘that the poetry of the soul writes itself at Glastonbury.’ In his novel A Glastonbury Romance John Cowper Powys stated that it is a ‘reservoir of world magic’. Soul poetry is a good term for celebrating the numinous charisma of the place. Glastonbury is not just a repository of history and mythology in the past tense, some kind of museum. That which has given it its unique identity remains alive and functioning, potent with power for transformation. The landscape here can have a profound effect on what might be called the higher emotions, the part of us that can appreciate a work of art, poetry, music. A sunset seen from the Tor hits the same spot. The Glastonbury myths are a work of art. A work of art that is alive and mutable for each new generation but carrying something distinct and eternal.  Come and discover this for yourselves.



‘Legend and history and the vision of the heart blend in the building of the Mystical Avalon’.

Dion Fortune. Avalon of the Heart.


Meet Steve and Flo, experienced and knowledgeable local guides, who look forward to welcoming you to magical Glastonbury

Paul Weston is also available. He is the  author of Mysterium Artorius: Arthurian Grail Glastonbury Studies, and other books that cover the full range of the Glastonbury mystery.

There are potential wonders to be revealed. We will follow in the footsteps of our ancestors through this enchanted land. We hope you may be gifted with an experience that isn’t necessarily material, rather more spiritual, perhaps your own Holy Grail, as we connect with the place considered by some to be the Heart Chakra of the world.

Walking these sacred sites will heighten your senses and hopefully give you your answers or perhaps even more questions than when you arrived. Many brilliantly researched books have been written about Glastonbury and its history and we will walk you through some of these discoveries.

“They give extraordinary walking tours of Glastonbury that are more than magical, with lots of history and explanations of the energies of Avalon”

Raven Keyes (Medical Master Reiki Practioner & Author, NY)